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Family Space


The Family Space garden was the last stage of a complete home remodel and was the most anticipated part of the project for an active family.  As a result the project needed to incorporate the individual wishes of everyone, while working within the constraints of a small outdoor space.  A priority for a visually appealing space was met by placing lush plantings in terraced planters to maximize the green effect.  The use of concrete planters, pavers, and patio make the plant foliage stand out, and provide sleek containment.  An open lawn space, as requested by the children, was planted with native fescue to enhance the feel of natural space.  Its off-center siting was intended to make it blend into the rest of the space rather than becoming the central feature.  A desire to entertain outdoors resulted in the creation of two spaces - a dining patio and firepit area.  The two spaces are separate but connected by custom concrete pavers set into the greenery.  

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